Meeting a very good friend

6282695482684745906While my first blog wrote about how chari-tease started, this blog is about meeting one of my closest friends – and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She is so much more than just a friend to me.
Well, who am I talking about it hear you cry??
Jules Duckett-Brown aka Flossie Frou Frou
There I said it.  Most of you know that Jules and myself are very close.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that we don’t know about each other.  Most of this is found out when we are meant to be practising our dances or via Whatsapp.
I bet none of you know how we met.  Well not the full story.  So here it is….
When I had decided that I was going to do Chari-Tease, I announced it on Facebook.  Lots and lots of people offered to help me.
It was always in my mind that I was going to dance at the end of show. I had two reasons:
1) to show the Dr’s and nurses  how far I had come since they saw me in hospital and said that I would never walk again
2) I couldn’t arrange a event and not be in the limelight haaaa haaaa
SO about a week or so after the announcement.  I get a message from Jules saying if you need any help let me know.  Jules and I had previously met at a local dance classes.
Anyway Jules asked me what I needed help with. I told Sadie for some reason, I don’t know why, and Sadie said, as she knew the idea I had about wanting to dance,  “Jules could dance with you. You could be a double act together”.
With that I messaged Jules and asked if she would like to dance with me.  I was very specific about the kind of dance I wanted to do and so I explained all this to Jules.  To my surprise she said yes!
That was the start of it – a simple YES to my question – and we have now been friends for over 2 years.  But Jules means so much to me.
We are not just Flossie Cheeks.  Jules is my unofficial  counsellor. My spell checker.  She tells me the God honest truth on most of my frankly bad ideas lol. Calms me down when I have a panic attack.  Makes me wet myself laughing everytime I speak to her.  Cheers me up.  Makes me smile.  Talks absolute crap with me.  Understands my text messages  (believe me, you need a qualification to understand what I write lol).
Jules is my world and I love her so much.   I couldn’t do this without her help.
We are both completely different and, on paper, we probably wouldn’t be friends but opposites to me make the best friends!
Jules I know you will see this as you spell check.  I love you
Anna x

(Footnote from Jules. I love you too X)


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